Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010


In June 2010, precisely on June 21 to 28, students Prodi Geophysics, Department of Physics Science Faculty held a lecture ITS (kulap) in Geology, Kebumen, Central Java. Precisely at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), the conservation of rock hall. There are 13 students who followed kulap consisting of 11 students from the army in 2009 who are participants and two students from the force in 2008 as an assistant.

Participants from the lecture field force in 2009 is Mariyanto, Abdurahman Wafi, Mashuri, Patar, Risiki Salim, Ari, Hendra, Tri Wahyu S, Radi, Zikri and Fida. While asisnten originating from 2008 and is the son of Dian. Many materials that we can in Coral Link for seven days there. Among them is the classification of rocks, geomotfologi, mapping and stratigraphy. Such materials is very beneficial to us all as the stock took a course geostruktur.

There are interesting things we saw there. In addition to seeing various kinds of rock are complex, we also see the process of blasting rock, precisely in the area Parangan District. Blasting rock using dynamite and it was very dangerous. Therefore, we view the process of blasting from a great distance.

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It's a good experience, ryan.

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how much it costs you, buddy?