Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010



Vivat Physics. That is jargon that is often echoed by the friends of the students majoring in Physics ITS then returned with the answer to Life in Physics, Life Physics, Physics Jaya. Obviously this is not among the foreign students, especially the Department of Physics ITS own and even freshmen had already ditananamkan since the beginning when they entered the majors. Jargon shows a form of pride to the department of physics students.

Students have the status or the status and large role in people's lives, bebangsa and state. Quite often students become problem solver of the problems facing this nation. One is through the paper. Given the paper munculah new ideas and creative solutions that are biased to be problematic in society.

We, students of physics are certainly proud of the direction in which we learn and seek knowledge of this. Vivat jargon Physics existence shows that physics students have a sense of great pride to the department. But the question what the hell are we proud of the department of physics, which we accepted as a student. If we are talking about students of course not separated from the great ideas and creativity. Because students can diidentikan with writing the paper. Have Pertanyannya then we can pour our ideas through the paper?

In ITS there are about 23 majors. And the physics department has a very less good achievement in the field of literary writing when compared with other departments such as Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Physics Teknika still very far away. Even in the scope of Science, State, majoring in physics is still less when compared with the statistics, biology and chemistry. In the year 2009 a proposal submitted yesterday the number of physics students in the writing competition held DIKTI less than the desired target and that can be counted on the fingers. Reflecting all of this we are not ashamed of what other departments are able to pass the proposal to PIMNAS her paper.

And it's time for us, all civitas Physics academia to make the paper. One of the paper closest competition to be held is the PKM (Student Creativity Program). PKM collection deadline last December 27 Septembar 2010. Learn more about the PKM and writing guidelines can be viewed on-himasika.blogspot.com Kominfo. Prizes are awarded if you can win this competition is big enough, ie up to 10 million rupiah.

Physics student friends, let us show our capabilities and contributions as a student by making the paper and contribute in this arena PKM. Do not let us lose to the other majors in the Science Faculty of ITS, especially in scope. More and more proposals PKM sent, the greater the chance to qualify for the PIMNAS. And of course there's nothing really we can be proud of the department of Physics. So that we can freely to peal echoes in atmospheric physics ITS Vivat even Indonesia Raya. (B & I)

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