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Period 2010-2011

Chairman, Department of M. Great Wicaksono
Secretary Department: Findah Rahmawatus Sholihah
Staff: 1. A. Choirul Arifin
2. Edwin Pondi S
3. Ana Farisa
4. Arif Pugoh 5. Nuning
6. Istiqomah
7. Gaby
8. Roni
9. Ari Teguh
10. Indah Ayu

Total number of human resources at the Department of Human Resources KESMA: 12 0rang

CHAPTER I Introduction
1.1 Background
Associated with the many problems that students have trouble both financially and academically, in terms of tuition or scholarship information. And also interested in the field of Sports KESMA department to provide services to students and also as a hobby dealer interested in field sports and the arts.

2.1 Employee Referral
Student Welfare Department has working landing as follows:
1. Providing services to students in the provision of scholarship information.
2. Advocacy ITS HIMASIKA members in academic and non academic
3. Observation and data collection on ITS HIMASIKA members who had difficulty with college tuition.
4. Make efforts to build a spirit of brotherhood and togetherness among the members of ITS HIMASIKA.

1.3 General Pattern of the second phase of the Long Term
- Having a place to actualize the interests and talents himasika members of ITS
- There's one sports team become champions institute level
- Optimizing the management of academic and financial advocacy
4.1 Achieving Strategy
- Assist members in terms of ITS HIMASIKA raised fund for academic and financial interests
- Assist advocacy ITS HIMASIKA members in academic and financial.
- Create a map of potential interest and talent HIMASIKA member of ITS.
- Create a club of interests and talents according to map potential.
- Organized sports competitions for the members of ITS HIMASIKA.
- Advocacy training
- Optimization of networks in KM kesma ITS.
1.3 Vision and Mission
Creating the welfare of students in the scope of Physics Science Faculty of ITS
- Increase advocacy services to members of the Science Faculty ITS HIMASIKA
- Improve the students' hobbies and interests and talents in the field.

1.4 Slogan / motto

"Working together for Physics student Prosperity"

1. Name of Socialization and Interest Advocacy and EBDB Kesma Talent
Socializing Activities Description financial advocacy and academic talents and interests are also preparing Background Economic Database (EBDB)
Time Frame-a-month Sunday to October 2010
The purpose of Physics Students know how the flow of financial and academic advocacy
Target Residents of Physics Students
Fund USD. 150,000.00
Cash fund sources Association
Responsible Istiqomah
TUK 75 Physics students to come in these activities
SWOT Analysis Strength:
1. There are human resources to do the activity
2. Economy data required for background on the citizens of Physics students
1. Less experienced
2. The presence of students who do not collect questionnaire
1. Student needs to know the advocacy kesma
2. Mapping of the students in terms of finance
1. Students who are not dating / dating absence
2. EBDB incomplete
3. Less opening of the student in filling the questionnaire data

2. Physisc Activity Name Game
Deskrpisi activity This activity is an annual exercise conducted in the field of Physics a (usually every generation). Type of Sports: basketball, futsal, volleyball, badminton, tug of war, and clog. Futsal comprised of participants from the Physics students, staff, and S2.
Implementation time-a-month Sunday to March 2011 in Field Physics and Industrial Futsal ITS ITS
Objectives To increase interest in sports and increase the solidarity between citizens of other ITS HIMASIKA.
Target All waraga HIMASIKA ITS, S2, Staff
Fund USD. 1,500,000.00
Source of funds SPP / DPP Programs, Participant Contributions
Ari Responsible Teguh
TUK 75% Executed in which every generation there are representatives (who are still active force) and there were representatives from the staff and S2 to attend this event.
SWOT Analysis 1. Streght: Interests Sports and soul togetherness
2. Weakness: lack of support facilities
3. Opportunity: knit togetherness and fair play
4. Threat: Hour lecture, weather
3. Activity Name KESMA CENTER
Financial Advocacy Agenda 1
Description of the activity This activity is done by lobbying the bureaucracy
Time Pelakaan Conditional
Destination Helping physics students in terms of:
- What is less able to obtain tuition waivers delay
- Scholarship Information
Target disadvantaged Physics Students
Fund USD. 20 000, -
Resources Cash Fund Association
Penganggung answered Nuning
TUK Advocacy terlaksanaan intended purpose
Academic Advocacy Agenda 2
Description of the activity This activity is done by lobbying the bureaucracy
Time Pelakaan Conditional
Destination Helping physics students in terms of:
- Students who have problems with college (DO system threat)
Target Physics Students experiencing academic problems
Fund -
Source of Funds -
Ana replied Farisa Penganggung
TUK Advocacy terlaksanaan intended purpose
SWOT Analysis 1. Strenght: The occurrence of negotiating with the network rectorate
2. Weakness: Only provides tuition waivers delaying not provide tuition waivers.
3. Opportunity: Helping students who are less fortunate and get tuition waivers in the suspension
4. Threat: The number of students who request waivers.
4. Name Competation Physics Activities in Art
Description of the activity This activity is a competition of students of physics in terms of art that is karikartur, posters, and acoustic
WaktuPelaksaanan Sunday 3rd March
Objectives To menegembangkan Physics students' ability in terms of interests and talents
Target Physics Students
Fund USD. 1,700,000.00
Cash fund sources Association, SPP / DPP majors
Responsible Indah Ayu
TUK Each force sent representatives in each sub-race
A SWOT analysis. Strenght: There is an interest and talent in the field of the arts that diperlombakan
2. Weakness: The lack of experienced human resources
3. Opportunity: There is an interest to participate in other competitions, and explore creativity in the arts community HIMASIKA
4. Threat: Weather
5. Name Physics in Healthy Activities
Description This activity is in the form of training activities with futsal, volly, and basketball
Conditional WaktuPelaksanaan
Objective To improve students' ability in sports, especially Physics futsal, volleyball, and basketball
Target Physics Students
Fund USD. 500 000
Cash fund sources sets, the contributions of each exercise
Responsible Choironi
The exercise involved participants TUK
SWOT Analysis 1. Strength: The interest and talent in the field of citizen HIMASIKA futsal, volleyball, basketball
2. Weakness: consistency of attendance of participants
3. Opportunity: There is a desire to follow the competition in that field
4. Threat: hour lecture, weather
6. Avocation Activities Course Name
Description of the activity This activity is in the form of advocacy seminars
Sunday December WaktuPelaksanaan ke1
The purpose of Physics Improving students' ability in terms of advocacy
Target Physics Students
Fund USD. 500,000.00
Ikoma funding sources, the SPP / DPP Programs
Gaby Responsible
TUK 75 participants attended
SWOT Analysis 1. Strength: good relations with the bureaucracy
2. Weakness: The students who did not come in these activities
3. Opportunity: Students will know advocacy
4. Threat: Conflict with personal schedule students
Praise be to Allah SWT, with this work program KESMA ITS department was formed so we hope this work program can be done well and smoothly in the future.

Mapping Department Kesma HIMASIKA ITS 2010

Added: Physics Students

- Socialization Kesma to New Students 2010
- Logging of Physics Students (EBDB)
- To advocate for students who have financial or academic problems
- Optimization advocacy kesma
- Development of students' interests and talents of Physics ITS
- Sending a student of Physics with interests diikutsertakaan talent for competition

Output: Physics Students know the path of advocacy and achievement in the field of interests and talents

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