Minggu, 25 Juli 2010


Year of birth of Prophet Muhammad referred to in Elephant or Amul verb for to know that a man named Abraha, commander of war from Ethiopia (Habasyah) which is the guardian state of Yemen, dangan army is riding a very large number of elephants came to demolish the Ka'bah. It is said that history of 60 persons.

At the time that a leader is Abdul Mutholib city of Mecca, Allah's grandfather. As for the Ka'bah as the sign of the religious teachings of Islamic supremacy, but God is not just mengijinkannya demolished, even though the people of Mecca at the time was not able to fight the elephant team that is not unparalleled.

But Allah Almighty will protect the Ka'bah from accidentally kehancurannya, considering that the year will be born a prophet from the descendants of the Quraysh in Makkah is the city of the Prophet Muhammad that protected the people of Makkah should mean that the poor are not to be destroyed.

But when Abraha and his forces approached the city of Makkah, the people of Mecca, hiding in ditches and hills to escape. Eventually the assistance and protection of God came to torment the mighty God, carried by birds that carry gravel berbondong-death crowd that contain a very dangerous disease, until their death, like drowning a worm-eaten leaves.

If the Hijriyah year, then the elephant range in the 53 years before Hijriyah. The story of Abraha proceedings is very historic and terrible joined in the Qur'an in one word in surat Al-behavior.

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