Senin, 26 Juli 2010

Training of Writing Essay

Writing is one activity that can provide many benefits to the perpetrators. But sometimes that can not exist in dalampikiran menuliskanapa. They're difficult to pour their ideas into written form. Not with the exception of myself.

By holding an essay writing training course very useful for myself and other friends who followed him. This training provides an essay how to write well and correctly. Pematerinya unsparing essay is a champion who held compass. He called Ayos purwoaji, FTSP ITS students.

The purpose of this event is packed and knowledge students have about writing essays and is expected to make a scientific paper or in other words, his work would be presented in writing ajang-ajang/kompetisi karyatulis. Enthusiastic participants know the new students to attend this training can be practically quite besar.Ini can be seen from the number of students who follow this event.

One of the most fundamental difficulties in writing an essay is how to create an idea. For most students turned out to create ideas about scientific writing is a difficult problem. In addition, pouring or write down an idea into a paper which apparently is also the case that mudah.Menulis not need to exercise regularly and continuously.

In training, we get the critical materials related to writing essays. From how to develop ideas, and systematic process of writing an essay to how to submit an essay through this presentasi.Dari training activities, new students are expected to be active in writing the essay or paper so that it can participate in literary competitions. And of course should be able to become champions you know.

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