Senin, 26 Juli 2010

Scientific Writing Training

PKTI which stands for Training Writing Scientific. This activity was held for new students as an introduction to the paper. This activity is carried out by each department in ITS. One of them was my course, majoring in physics and Science Faculty, where the activity is held by the Ministry of Science and Technology Student Association Physics (Desaintek Himasika) ITS on Saturday, November 21, 2009 in one of the war in FMIPa.Tema promoted in this training activity is to "Develop creativity and Pour Your ideas with Writing. "

The purpose was held this event are students having lunch and knowledge about the paper and is expected to make a scientific paper or in other words, his work can be displayed in ajang-ajang/kompetisi writing scientific paper. Enthusiastic participants know the new students to attend this training can be practically quite besar.Ini can be seen from the number of students who follow this event.

One difficulty in the most basic of writing a scientific paper is how to create an idea. For most students turned out to create ideas about scientific writing is a difficult problem. In addition, pouring or write down an idea into an article it is also the thing that is not easy.

In PKTI we, the forces of physics in 2009 to get the materials necessary on scientific writing. Starting from how to grow the ideas, processes and systematic writing of the paper to how to submit an essay through presentasi.Pemateri-pematerinya any adalh people who are great and experts in the field such as Mr. Zainul Asrori, Pak Bandung and Mr Pratikto.Dan not less interesting to have one speaker we are still a student that is mahsiswa physics class in 2006 called I Made Hardiyasa. It turned out that in addition to writing scientific papers, presented a scientific work is one thing that is no less important, so in this activity we were taught the techniques of presentation in order nanatinya what we write can be submitted properly.

From this training activity, it is expected the student is new to be active in writing the paper so that it can participate in the competition papers such as the Program Student Creativity (PKM). And of course should be able to become champions you know. In addition to prize money that pretty much we can it the name department, HIMASIKA and ITS own. Thank you Himasika ITS. Vivat Physics, Vivat ITS. Wait for my work!

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