Senin, 26 Juli 2010

Physics Blog Competition

Physics Blog Competition or the PBC is to create and write a blog competition organized by the Physics Student Association (Himasika) ITS. All mahasisiwa ITS particularly physics majors are allowed to participate in this competition. PBC is an activity as one form of development and improvement of scientific and journalistic writing skills where using blogs as a medium of writing.

This is the first time I joined a writing competition for students since Agusutus seoarang 2009. Previously I also never once entering the contest to write but not to win though. This is also the first time I followed the blog contest. Actually I have long had their own blog. But blogs are not empty and I have no writing at all. Only when I know that Himasika entered the race to write a blog, I was taking the time to write on the blog when there is spare time.

I was really unusual name does the same thing to write. Posts that I make any important carelessly wrote aja and we do not have the injured party. I'm very happy with the holding of PBC because of the existence of this activity encouraged me to write a blog. At least even if not a winner, this bias so ajng training and learning for me to be able to write better. Hopefully I still win. Because it is his gift to create living expenses during college.

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