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Administration of guidelines Activities and Student Association of Physics Institute of Technology 2010-2011 A

As one effort to create a controlled system of data administration, coordinated and accountable, and in order to straighten HIMASIKA ITS administration, then compiled raw standards regarding the implementation of activities and keadministrasian HIMASIKA ITS.
Hint keadministrasian activities and this is a guide containing a general description of the procedures and activities which form the basis keadministrasian in any activities that will be held HIMASIKA ITS 2010-2011 period.
All elements of management HIMASIKA demanded to understand and implement the best possible implementation of these instructions so that all activities can be organized in a neat and nice.

Internal Coordination System Administrators
Work Systems Committee Activities
Each Administrative Department
Culture Standards and Special File Formats

To perform the control functions of institutions, consolidation, evaluation, performance measurement, and making strategic and technical steps, it can be done in two ways:

Manifested in the form of meetings, both within the scope of management HIMASIKA ITS, daily board, core board, department, or committee activities.
Working Meeting
Participants: The entire board HIMASIKA ITS
Implementation: One year once
Agenda: - working meeting of disciplinary proceedings
- Secretarial and membership rules HIMASIKA ITS
- Coordination and socialization programs for each department HIMASIKA ITS will produce a work program HIMASIKA ITS
- As a place to unite and strengthen the line fighters
ITS HIMASIKA 2010-2011
Minutes: Made by the Secretary-General and document them into a Big Book Meeting
Participants: The entire board HIMASIKA ITS
Implementation: once a month
Agenda: - discuss the work program to be implemented
- Evaluation of programs which have been implemented
Minutes: Made by the Secretary-General and document them into a Big Book Meeting
Coordination Meeting
Consisting of:

Department Meeting
Participants: All members of the department
Implementation: At least 2 weeks
Agenda: - coordination of internal departments
- Proker evaluation that has been and is running
- Scheduling of activities of the department in two weeks
- Forum silaturrahim HIMASIKA smallest internal ITS
Minutes: Conducted by Sekdep and documented in the Book Department Meeting
Committee meeting
Participants: Committee activity was accompanied Kadep / sekdep the relevant department
Implementation: do incidental
Agenda: Discussion of plans, preparation, implementation, and evaluation activities
Minutes: Done by the secretary of the activities and documented in the Book Department Meeting
Emergency Meeting
Participants: Executives of daily and interested parties
Implementation: do incidental
Agenda: Discussion of issues that are considered very urgent and need to be resolved immediately
Minutes: Made by general secretaries and document them into a Big Book Meeting.
Kestari Team Meeting
Participants: Tim Kestari, general secretary, department secretary, a treasurer general, treasurer and general 2
Implementation: carried out incidental and conditional.
Agenda: - Discussion of administrative and financial stability
Discussion on the allocation of funds into the next proker-proker
Minutes: do one of the teams in attendance as agreed kestari forum
Functionaries Meeting
Participants: BPH, kadep, sekdep, and kabiro
Implementation: at least 2 weeks
Agenda: - Evaluate the activeness of member HIMASIKA
Evaluation of a department that has been accomplished proker
Minutes: performed by the secretary general and document them into a big book meeting
Bureau Meeting
Participants: Kabiro and agency staff concerned
Implementation: conditional and depends on the policy for each department
Agenda: discussion Proker or leads that are more specialized work
Minutes: Secretary concerned proker
Evaluation Meeting
Participants: ITS HIMASIKA board
Implementation: at least 3 months
Agenda: - Evaluate the implementation of work programs
Evaluating the presence and activity of staff
Submission of staff performance appraisal and forward strategy

This meeting was conducted according to the needs of incidental.

Committee working system activities aimed at implementation of the programs activities of each department. In this case will be discussed 5 (Five) points on which the work system, namely:
Planning Activities
Preparation Activities
Implementation Activities
Fund Activity
Post Activity

Planning Activities
This activity plan is an effort to plan activities which are embodied in the department work program. Based on how its formation, this work program can be:
Work Program internal departments
General Work Program
A Feasibility Test Work Program
A work program will be hosted by ITS 2010-2011 HIMASIKA must meet the following criteria:
No violation of legal norms, religion, and morality.
In line with the vision, mission and general goals of ITS HIMASIKA 2010-2011 period as adjusted for the landing GBHK.
ITS is a socialization process HIMASIKA
Have a common concept of activity:
description of activity (background, objectives, and forms of activity)
definitive time-line as the benchmark time
involvement of either internal or external Human Resource department
Not collide with other agendas, particularly in internal ITS or ITS HIMASIKA own
Not have similar issues with other agencies
Noticed aspect of the cost.
Preparation Activities
Preparation of this activity is the process of preparing the technical implementation of activities that include:
Proposal preparation and submission
Points must be in the making of the proposal are:
Introduction (containing background)
Destination activity
Name of activity
Theme activities
Forms of activity
Time and place of activity
Target / participants
Executive committee
Patron: Rector of ITS: Prof. Ir. Priyo Suprobo, MS.Ph.D
Adviser: III ITS Provost: Prof. Dr. Suasmoro
ITS Science Faculty Dean III:
Drs. Arry Sanjoyo Bandung, M. Ikom
Chairman of the Department of Physics Science Faculty of ITS: Drs.Heny Faisal, M. Si
Lecturer of Physics Science Faculty ITS TKK: Drs. Yoyok Cahyono, M. Si and Suyatno, M. Si

Responsible: ITS HIMASIKA Chairman: Julian Saputro
Department Head
Committee Chairman
Sie required
Fund Budget Plan
Source of income consists of plans and spending plans
The composition of the event and or material
Spreadsheet validation
Comprising the committee chairman, Chairman of ITS HIMASIKA, and acknowledged by the Student Consultation Team Physical Science Faculty ITS, Chairman of the Department of Physics Science Faculty of ITS, ITS Science Faculty Dean III, and Vice Rector of ITS III (if the scale of activities out of the department of Physics ITS).

Deadline for submission of proposals to the secretary general:
Proposal of activities that need sponsors maximum four months before implementation
Proposals that do not require sponsorship activity maximum two months before implementation

Technical preparations
Committee meeting
Planning work schedules
Segregation of duties
Coordination of all elements of executive with outside parties related

Implementation Activities
Implementation of activities carried out in accordance with a prepared plan
Implementation of activities monitored, especially by Kadep / Sekdep from the relevant department and attended by the entire board in general

Fund Activity
At First Meeting, all departments must submit a budget plan to the General Treasurer
Disbursement mechanism
SPP / DPP Programs
SPJ disepakatipembuatan funding request letter in accordance with the application of funds by the administration disepakatikelayakan Bendumpersetujuan Jurusanpencairan Treasurer of funds to the Treasurer Department of Physics (Mr. Suko) liquid funds
SPP / DPP Institute
Letters SPJ-making application of funds agreed upon in accordance with the agreed funding request for the feasibility of administration by the Treasurer approval Bendum Student Affairs Section (Bu Elly) approval and filing by the Student Affairs Section (Mr. Grace) approval by the Head of Student Affairs (Mr. Adjie) Approval to World War III, Science Faculty ITS approval to PR III ITS disbursement of funds to the Head of Student Affairs (Mr. Adjie) liquid funds
Proposals approved recommendations for funding proposals from PR III (photocopy), letters of recommendation (original), and a letter of application IKOMA funds that have been approved by the ITS to IKOMA PR III (original) SPJ-making in accordance with the agreed application of funds (SPJ appropriate format IKOMA provisions) the feasibility of administration by Bendum approval to Kajur ITSpersetujuan Physics Science Faculty Science Faculty ITSAcc to WW III to Part III of Student Affairs ITS approval to the submission of public relations activities LPJ (photocopy) and SPJ president agreed to a liquid fund IKOMA
Note: in disbursement of funds to IKOMA be done by the chairman or treasurer of the committee and the activities (listed in the composition of the committees in proposal activities) by attaching:
LPJ activities
Letters of recommendation from PR III activities
Sheet disposition of funds derived from activities IKOMA
Evaluation of activities held to start planning the implementation of activities by an internal committee / department
Accountability Report Activities must be submitted to the General Secretary not later than one week after the activity.
Points that must exist in the LPJ HIMASIKA ITS Activities 2010-2011:
Includes background, objectives, themes, and hope for the future
Activity Report
Contains about implementation time, place, target activities, news events
Composition of committee
The consolidated financial activities
Consists of sources of income and expenditure of funds
Spreadsheet validation
Signed by the secretary of the committee, the committee chairman, chairman of the department, and approved by the chairman HIMASIKA ITS (after in-acc the cecum and Bendum)
Attachments (documentation, archives activities)

File or related letters and correspondence are prepared based on the classification and numbering. Who are responsible for the preparation and management set the general file HIMASIKA ITS is the General Secretary, while the special file maintained by the Secretary of the Department department.
In this chapter will discuss two important points regarding correspondence:
File types and storage
Numbering letter

Various kinds of file and storage
Based on the classification is divided into:
Incoming mail is any letter received by HIMASIKA ITS. All incoming mail is received by the Secretary-General next to the relevant department within the knowledge of the Chairman HIMASIKA ITS.
Incoming mail is recorded and archived on the books in the control of incoming mail and incoming mail folder by the Secretary General.
Book format control incoming mail:
Serial number
Date of receipt
Letter No.
Name and address of the sender
Exit Letter
Outgoing mail is any letter issued by HIMASIKA ITS. Terbagii outgoing mail for a letter out extra institute, institute of extra-and intra-intra department majors.
ITS HIMASIKA out three kinds of outgoing mail:

Contains the following sequences:
Pay attention
Signed by the chairman and stamped HIMASIKA HIMASIKA ITS ITS

Classified as follows:
Letter Task
Recommendation Letter
Street Letter
Signed by the Chairman and the Secretary General as well as stamped HIMASIKA ITS
General Letters
Classified as follows:
Letter of Invitation
Licensing Letter
Public letter is divided into two:
Was written on letterhead paper in accordance with ITS HIMASIKA
Signed by the Chairman of the committee and Chairman of ITS HIMASIKA
ITS and seals stamped HIMASIKA committee
Created by the secretary of the committee is assisted by a secretary of the department, and archived in book and in control of the outgoing mail folder departments
Written on letterhead ITS HIMASIKA
Signed by the Chairman and General Secretary HIMASIKA ITS
Outgoing mail is recorded and archived in the control of outgoing mail and books filed in the outgoing mail folder by the General Secretary
Written on the letterhead of ITS HIMASIKA
Ditandatngani by the department chairman and chairman of ITS HIMASIKA
Outgoing mail is recorded and archived in book and in control of the outgoing mail folder departments
Licensing lending facility
Signed by the chairman of the committee, the chairman HIMASIKA, and known by the officers of Physics Department facilities, and addressed to the secretary of the Department of Physics
Signed by the chairman of the committee, the chairman HIMASIKA, ACC TKK professors and acknowledged by the chairman of the Department of Physics.
Validation Activities
Signed by the chairman of the committee, the chairman HIMASIKA, ACC TKK professor, physics department chairman disetuui by ITS

2. Numbering letter
a. No letters have been prepared as follows:
(No.urut discharge letter) / (Type of Letters) / (Classification) / HIMASIKA ITS / (Month (roman)) / (Year (four digits))
b. For this type of letter used code letters as follows:
A: The letter came out extra institute
B: The letter came out majoring in extra-and intra-institute
C: Letter out intra-majors
D: Letter decision
E: Letter of mandate
F: Public Letter

c. Classification letter for letter decisions and credentials using the following letter code:
Decree: Kpts
Letter Task: TGS
Letter of Recommendation: rek
Letter Street: Jln
Example: 01/E/JLN/HIMASIKA ITS/VIII/2010
Classification of public letter issued by the department the appropriate letter code used by departments such as the following:

Department of Communication Media and Information: KOMINFO
Department of scholarship: scholarship
Student Resources Development Department: HRD
Department of Foreign Relations: HUBLU
Student Welfare Department: KESMA
Department of Entrepreneurship: KWU

Classification of a letter to the public letter issued directly by using the code letters HIMASIKA ITS GENERAL.

Classification of a letter to the committee a letter using the code name of the activities that have been determined by the chairman of the committee and the department code followed by the rules of writing as follows: (Code name of activity) - (Department Code).

Classification of a letter to the committee a letter the general work program using the code letter:
(Code Name Activity)-GENERAL

For the numbering letter activities undertaken by each department in accordance with the number out of each activity. So between one activity and another activity has a number of letters came out different. Numbering according to sequence out the activities.

Basically, each department has the right to manage his own household affairs. However, to maintain order and tidiness administration requires a standard format and mechanisms established by the secretary general to ensure harmony and safety material about the organization accountable planning, implementation, coordination, and accountability ITS HIMASIKA performance.

There are four kinds of administrative forms that must be owned by each department:
Department Meeting Minutes
Each Sekdep shall make the minutes of each meeting of the department
Systematics of the Minutes of the meeting the department include:
Title, Place & date, time, Chairman of the Meeting, Minutes, participants, agenda, meeting results
Minutes of the meeting was written in the book department of the Department Meeting and stored in individual lockers.
Each Department Monthly Report
Every secretary of the department shall make a written monthly report, submitted to the Secretary-General, to subsequently filed, and was read at the Plenary Meeting of ITS HIMASIKA 2009-2010.
Monthly reports of each department neatly typed with the following systematics:
Development of departmental activity report
Includes current conditions of the department (staff, achievements now)
Per activity
Includes a brief statement of the department development
The financial statements
Monthly reports made two copies (file and print out).
Department Work Plan Report
Created at the beginning of the management to formulate Plan Work Program Department.
Created in the form of files (saved dimasing each department folder) and in the form of print outs (duplicated at least 10 pieces to be distributed to each department and archives cecum).
Work Plan Report Ministry is neatly typed and collected before the Meeting held HIMASIKA ITS
Work Plan Report Ministry of neatly typed with the following format:
CHAPTER I Introduction contains background, job referrals and slogan / motto for each department
CHAPTER II Work Program containing the name of activity, Activity Description, Execution Time, Goal, Objective, Fund, Fund Source, Responsible, TUK and SWOT Analysis

Each Final Report Department
Carried out at the end of management, made two copies (file and print out) and stored in folders for each department
Final Report of the Department of neatly typed with the following systematics:
Description of duties in accordance with the Referral GBHK
Strategic value (vision, mission, goals, targets)
A brief description of the Department of Work Plan
Implementation during the stewardship of
The financial statements of departments
SWOT End Department
Attachments (documentation of activities, current staff databases, other important data)

1. Cultural Standards
Culture must be established and initiated from the management of ITS HIMASIKA 2010-2011 are as follows:
Focuses on the model, both as institutions and personnel involved in it (the board).
Surrounded by an atmosphere of faith and piety to God almighty and the application.
Prioritize the aspects of service as a means to bridge both internally and between institutions with the community.
Focuses on family and harmonization.
Prioritize the aspects of science and professionalism.

2. Special File Formats
Registration form, must meet the following criteria:
Personal Data
Education history
Current activities
Motivation and expectations of HIMASIKA ITS
Letter of Agreement, the things that should be listed is as follows:
Related parties to the agreement
The contents of the agreement
Contract Value
Settlement of disputes / problems
Above the signature stamp
Letter of Responsibility (SPJ)
Typed above the jumbo-sized receipts, with the format:
SPP / DPP Department / Institute:
Numbered receipts
Has been received from the rector of ITS
Nominal funding
The allocation of these funds
Seller's signature and stamp on stamp duty
Has been received from the Chairman of ITS IKOMA
Nominal funding
Name of activities in accordance with the funding request letter
By signature
recipient of funds (the organizer of activities)
Chairman HIMASIKA ITS (given a stamp and stamped HIMASIKA ITS)
Kajur Physics Science Faculty of ITS (backyard)
WW III FMIPA ITS (backyard)
PR III ITS (backyard)


Alhamdulillahirabbil alamin, for the gift that has given so Stamdar HIMASIKA ITS 2010-2011 Operational Procedures can be arranged with the best. Hopefully, this SOP may become guidelines for the management HIMASIKA

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