Senin, 26 Juli 2010

Islamic Study in Physics

The event titled Islamically this is one of the activities undertaken by Fosif, as Islamic organizations in the physics of the course has a noble mission to inculcate religious values to self fisika.Kegiatan students was held for two days, Saturday and Sunday, 5-6 December 2009 . It also could be called as a venue cadre, not like that done by Himasika cadre. SI IFFAH itself is an acronym for Intensive Study of Islam Kaffah. The purpose of this activity is conducted in accordance with the name of this event, which is discussed and studied Islam intensively for religion of Islam can be implemented in kaffah.

Cadre who carried out very much different Fosif cadre conducted by the Association. In the activities organized by Fosif done by providing material associated with the religion of Islam. The atmosphere is also different from 180 degrees. If in the activities covered Himasika cadre tense feelings in the atmosphere is very pleasant Fosif activities because there are no snaps and tantrums from the senior or citizens.

Materials provided on the first day is sakhofah Islam, aqidah, surgical fayakun kun film and association in islam.Sementara on the second day we were given materials on ukhuwah Islamiah and problematic people. So many benefits and knowledge that we could get. Hopefully the lessons that we have not only understood but also applied in everyday life.

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