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Heroism Score

Maybe we'll never forget with one of the historic event in this city. A heroic events of the struggle for independence during arek-arek Surabaya in Indonesia beloved mmpertahankan sovereignty of the State. An important event that knocked our memory of the heroic struggle of a Muslim who has a major role in inspiring the people to defend this country. That event where Bung Tomo in Surabaya people together against the return of Dutch colonial government troops Nica bum who at that time ended with bergolaknya pertempuran10 November 1945 that until this day is celebrated as a hero. Day that will always be listed in the history of the Indonesian nation.

Sutomo better known by the Indonesian people familiar with the greeting him as Bung Tomo is one fighter who was born in Kampung Blauran, one of the places in downtown Surabaya. His father's name is Kaertawan Tjiptowidjojo, one of the heads of middle-class families at that time. He once worked as a civil government, as a personal staff at a private company, as an assistant in the government tax office, and employees of small import-export company in the Netherlands. He claimed to have blood ties with several close companion of Prince Diponegoro, who was interred in Malang. His mother was of mixed blood of Central Java, Sundanese, and Madurese. His father was a rounder. He had worked as police in the township, and has also become a member of the SI.

Bung Tomo grew up in a house that would appreciate the education. He speaks with candor and gusto. He likes to work hard to improve things. At the age of 12 years, when he was forced to abandon his studies at MULO, Sutomo do various small jobs to overcome the effects of depression that hit the world at that time. Later he completed his education through correspondence HBS, but never officially graduated.

Then he never joined the KBI (Scout the Nation of Indonesia). Sutomo later asserted that the philosophy of scouting, plus the nationalist awareness gained from this group and from his grandfather, is a good substitute for formal education. At the age of 17 years, he became famous when it managed to become the second in the Dutch East Indies who attain the rank of Pandu Garuda. Before the occupation of Japan in 1942, the rating is only achieved by three people of Indonesia.

Bung Tomo also joined with a number of political and social groups. When he was elected in 1944 to become a member of the New People's Movement sponsored by Japan, almost no one who knew him. But all this Sutomo prepare for a very important role, when in October and November 1945, he tried to evoke the spirit of the people of Surabaya was attacked while an all-out by soldiers NICA. Sutomo particularly remembered for loading appeals in his radio broadcasts are filled with emotion, "Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!" While Indonesia is losing the battle of 10 November that these events are still recorded as one of the most important events in Indonesia's history.

That Bung Tomo who merupakam figure of Muslim fighters who have such great sacrifices to this country. True purpose of a great fighter, wants to educate young children to be patriots nation nation that has a high nationalism. For him the struggle is meaningless, if there is no generation that has the soul of a patriot.

As a fighter who unceasingly continue to think about the fate of the nation. Bung Tomo worry if there is no next generation of high-minded patriots, the Indonesian nation will be destroyed and would be back in jajah in other forms, ignorance, poverty and underdevelopment. Patriot souls that are embedded in the chest, Bung Tomo, are patriotic spirit that is born of strength of faith of a Muslim. Bung Tomo believes that the struggle with the sincere intention to defend the independence and sovereignty of nations in the name of God, then none of losses that he can get. For this reason, when the government at that time was considered too slow in dealing with a bum Dutch movement allies, Bung Tomo with people giving birth Rebellion Barisan Rakyat Indonesia (BPRI) in dampening the return of the Dutch colonialists who wanted to seize the sovereignty of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

Never-ending if we are talking about and megurai story about heroism and sacrifice of the spirit of a fighter. About Bung Tomo or other fighters such as Bung Karno and Bung Hatta. As a fighter who was born of scouting, Bung Tomo has been given the understanding and teaching of religion to mature. Bung Tomo, uphold the principle that as a fighter pilot and the nation itself must be sacred in any words or deeds. Stock is the foundation base in every movement of her struggle, so cries of Allahu Akbar always heard in opposition to encourage the youth and people of great power and incomparable.

One sentence that he would always say at the moment of action that gives the power struggle in his heart to keep it strong and not afraid of is the phrase Allahu Akbar. And do not forget the slogan of freedom or martyrdom, are very familiar slogan was shouted through a funnel to the radio. At that time there were only two big men who can rekindle the spirit of resistance through the speeches of struggle, and Soekarno, Bung Tomo.

Bung Tomo fighting spirit is very strong in the hearts of the people. As a warrior who fought alongside the workers, farmers, pedicab drivers and other ordinary people, Bung Tomo retaining humble life, and never would accept any kind of facility from the government after the revolution for independence was over. Bung Tomo fighters still think people, think of their nation. Devotion to the nation and the country still he continued, all by one goal and belief that heaven will be waiting in front of him. A priceless gift when compared to all the best there is anything in this world.

Bung Tomo who was born as a tireless fighter, died on October 16, 1981 in a place which was glorified by God Almighty, after performing in the desert wukuf Arafat during the Hajj. One thing is very ironic, Bung Tomo earned a national hero through the tough process of the Indonesian government for all the struggles that he did during life. He was a great warrior who has been defending the homeland that the soul of heroism, struggle and sacrifice, he deserves to be remembered and imitated.

A value of heroism to the state in human beings can only be realized if there is a sense of nationalism and patriotism on the inside. And that's the reason why Bung Tomo curve is always welcome issues relating to nationalism and patriotism. As seen in Indonesia today, as if the spirit of heroism and sacrifice of good to the country and to sacrifice other people apparently began to fade along with the emergence of problems in this city are not being resolved. This is due to start menggebosnya spirit of nationalism and patriotism in the people, especially youth who will become the motor of the nation.

Lately we are in big problems and complicated which makes the government and people be at a loss as if it is difficult to find a way out. Starting from the problem of natural disasters, crime, tangled in a world economy with rampant kuruptor that undermined public money to law enforcement are getting weaker. Problematic it looks so acute and severe, as if the Indonesian people will make us drown in the ocean so that the downturn has been felt that this nation is in a critical situation that is very difficult to bounce back. Moreover, can go forward.

And for this we are always faced with the realities of the depravity of this city, such as criminal cases are constantly flooded television screens every day. Young children in this country must be very vulnerable to the spectacle like this and feel that the behavior or morals of this nation is very bad which can cause a sense of love for this city began to fade, leaving them with indifference and indifference to what happens. In the end a sense of nationalism, heroism and sacrifice to fade and slowly disappear from circulation. The question is, when the Indonesian children were taught a sense of love to the state, nationalism or heroism. It's the younger generation in this country, who will be the successor to the nation needed a display that could foster a sense of love towards the homeland and raising the values of heroism. Impressions-of impressions about the beauty and grandeur Nusantara need to be given, not just soap opera drama-romance which is very crowded during most of the broadcast on television stations in Indonesia. To foster the values of heroism required a method or way to make young people feel that the souls of a hero, concern for the nation and neighbor, and sacrifice is needed by this country.

The film is one of the alternative media that could foster the spirit of patriotism and able to instill the values of heroism to the young people in this city. Supposed heroism values inculcated to children since childhood. Way that can be done through an old people's stories. Also required the teaching of history in a more intensive lessons that done early when the kids are in elementary school. This kind of thing that would make the values of heroic children strong roots and inherent in them. Screenings of films or stories of struggle heroes through television or other media is an alternative business that can be done. Also, stories about people who fight for it the name nation rather than through upheaval against invaders such as through academic achievement, sports and so forth that they actually deserve to be called a hero. The existence of this all, do not let the story of the struggle such as Bung Tomo hero for defending Indonesia from attacks by invaders forgotten just like that November 10 is only known and celebrated as heroes of the day without a sense of preformance. Do not let young children as young generation successor to the nation to forget the history of his hero. Remember, the great nation is a nation that respects the service hero.

Through the film, the values of heroism and sacrifice of the heroes will always be planted, grown, rooted and inherent strength in the young generation. With all this it is not impossible if the problematic people and nations that make this city suffered dilapidation can be resolved so as to bring change towards a better Indonesia.

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