Senin, 26 Juli 2010

Effective and Shark Communication

Develop the ability to communicate can not be underestimated. Softskill this one is also required to be given more attention. Referring to this, Sampoerna Tbk invites national motivator as well as writers, to hold a training titled Effective Communication in the new library building, Tuesday (16 / 2).

"Capital is necessary to establish communications," said Mansyur MSI, head Perputakaan ITS Unit in the short opening speech training that morning. "Their ability ITS is no doubt in terms of academic, but this one also softskill no less important," he added. Located in Sampoerna Corner room, third floor library building, training for the national motivator as well as presenting author of the book titled When Falling Up, Nasrul Faqih Syarih HS Sos I MSi. In front of fifty students, this bespectacled man energetic deliver its training materials and attractive casual style. "Pillars of the presentation there were three, must be done sequentially and the overall," said trainer this Sidoarjo origin. First, go Faqih, visual contact, if vocal, and body language. The third component of the Faqih call this harmony should be made jointly. In the sense of not doing one of them and leaving another.

In a duration of four hours of training, the Faqih, trainers who have advanced speech since the age of seven years and this provides some tips on communicating effectively. With interactive dialogue method, more material presented comes from the questions of participants. Mentioned there are three keys to effective communication. "First master listener, both mastered the material, and third master himself,". Once Faqih describe the three most important points in developing efekfit communication.

In explaining his neighbor master himself, author of Al Quwwah trainer Al Ruhiyah this even gives tips on fingers and massage the feet relievers groggy. Answering questions from participants, Faqih menguaraikan about how to answer the question during a presentation. "Answer with a short and straightforward language," he explained. Furthermore, Faqih warned not to interrupt his pen, and gave the impression steady and true in every answer by looking straight up his pen and the other participants.

At the end of the training that morning, Faqih had expressed his philosophy about the proposal alive. "Make a proposal to live like a shark in pursuit of small fish," said a man aged thirty-seven years. "Sharks are the points that we mapped the purpose of life, which we are pursuing small fish intangible," expression of sharks, it makes the participants not only get training materials about effective communication. But also a lesson about success.

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