Minggu, 25 Juli 2010


Maulid maulidun prophet or the prophet, which means the birth of the Prophet. If we say maulid commemorate the prophet, meaning we mark the birth of Prophet Muhammad. He was born on Monday December 12 Awwal, Year of the Elephant or about April 20, 571 AD at the house of Abu Talib, his uncle from the family of Bani Hashim. His father was Abdullah bin Abdul Mutholib. While his mother was Siti Aminah bintiWahab. Abdullah's name in Arabic means servant of God and Aminah means trustworthy.

He was born in a state that is orphaned because his father was Abdullah bin Abdul Mutholib meniggal the world when he was still in the womb of his mother in approximately two months of age (other histories mention three months).

After birth, the mother immediately told this good news to his grandfather Abdul Muttalib named. So very glad that her grandfather's careful and later gave the name "Muhammad", which means praiseworthy. Muhammad is also often called by his name Ahmad which means very commendable.

Apparently his grandfather was to have hope in order that his grandson would be a good and commendable. Commendable and praiseworthy in the sight of Allah is also the view of humans. And it hopes eventually to become a reality. Muhammad became a prophet who guides us from the dark era to era bright.

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